This is more than just a unicorn birthday party;
this is an Equine-Facilitated Wellness event.
Our miniature horses are perfect for comfort and can soothe possible emotional distress, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and enhance motor skills.
Their personalities are such that they are very kind and gentle.
Since horses are prey animals, they are always aware of their environment,
which makes them incredibly intuitive. They are sensitive to the emotions of those they visit and provide comfort. Combined with proper training, our miniature horses are great therapy animals and help the children only by their presence.

The birthday event will involve exchanging unconditional love between our unicorns and those they visit. Children will watch, pet, brush, hug and do a unicorn ride, as long as they are less than 70 lbs. Also, people can take many pictures so that all the family can memorize this event. Our miniature horses evoke emotional and spiritual connections along with love, joy and laughter. Many smiles are present at every visit. Our unicorns touch lives in a way that we, as people, cannot.
Only being there provides physical, mental and emotional growth.